Why We Do

NCWS is on the mission to create a cleaner, greener and better planet. To achieve this, we believe in planting trees in those areas that are devoid of them. Along with our greening efforts, we strive to uplift and assist the rural communities of these areas. NCWS is also working towards the educational development of students in various schools across India and spreading environmental awareness among them.  We at NCWS aspire to bring people, trees and the environment closer through technology. We provide our planters an online platform to plant and care for trees and at the same time support socio- environmental causes. We endeavour to provide convenience, transparency and clarity through our online platform and technological innovations..

We intend to create a world where everyone is actively involved in planting trees, which would become a home for a rich biodiversity, control the climate changes and would bring economic sustainability to poor rural communities. We are working towards creating a perfect blend of activities to bring to the world, a multipurpose programme running on a cutting edge technological platform.

How you can be part and support us


General Healthcare:

We provided general healthcare to poor and underprivileged people free of cost in selected areas of North India as part of its existing Community Development Projects. The services included general health check-up including eye & dental check-up, and were provided mostly through periodic health camps and regular health clinics. Doctors and nurses visited the targeted villages and slums to provide health check-up, basic treatment of minor illnesses, and health-education focusing on personal hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, children’s care and reproductive health. Complicated cases, Sexually Transmitted Infections, TB suspects, malaria cases were referred to public hospitals and subsequently followed up.

Mother & Child Care:

We provided ante-natal and post-natal services, family planning care, and children’s care that essentially constitutes support to immunization and nutrition. The children of the Academies for Working Children were provided treatment through health camps. In many places NCWS involved women’s in spreading door-to-door awareness on Mother & Child health and helped to constitute local adolescent boys’ and girls’ groups to address local health issues through those groups. NCWS actively participated in the capacity building of the community health workers and Anganwadi Workers including sensitization of the members of local Village Health & Sanitation Committees to make them accountable for addressing the local health issues.

Water & Sanitation:

NCWS conducted a number of activities together with local village development committees to improve the general sanitary condition and ensure clean drinking water for the villagers. Those activities were introduction of water testing and water filters, installation of hand and rope pumps, rainwater harvesting, establishing large water tanks, construction of toilets, repair of drainage systems, involving local people for garbage disposal and BCC to eliminate habits like open air defecation. The main goal of NCWS - A Needinitiative is to appropriate basic living needs from a place of abundance to a place of need and promote child education through it. This whole process cost us a small budget of Rs. 10 per piece.
We have high hopes that those of us who are more fortunate will respond to this call of balance, care, compassion and will join hands with Green to support - A Need. Feel the sheer joy of giving.A small part of effort on your part can result in a big leap of difference for a fellow human being who is less fortunate and will help to save our Mother Nature and Environment.

How do we survive?
The aim of the proposal is not to "visit" the slums, nor make poverty a "tourist tour" but to meet people and exchange experiences with them, taking a tea and chatting learning about each ones respective lives. The walk in the suburbs is much more than a walk, but an exchange, and a first step towards awareness, and who knows, a first step towards a volunteer ?


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.