About Nature Care Welfare Society

Plant a Tree, Plant a New Life... We will do it for You, is a initiative to save the environment through tree plantation and adoption by public and corporate participation and support..

We also conduct tree plantation drive with corporates as a part of CSR activity throughout the year.


Nature Care Welfare Society

NCWS is a Non-Governmental Charity (NGO), actively dedicated to Protection and Conservation of Mother Nature and Humanity. The organization is registered and associated with Planning Commission, Government of India and tax exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.


As every child is a special child so we are trying to raise the speciality of children who are not able to study. They don’t have facilities of books, clothes, food etc.they cannot affored a minimum tution fee. So they can not go to school. For that we are trying to provide all necessities so that children.who are living in slum areas can study without any problem.
Women power is great power we all know this but some time their power remain hide. So its necessary to enhance the women power. So we are running our training centre where they are getting knowledge of different work like Handicraft/ Stiching etc.
In future we have also target to stablish many more training centre in slums and villages etc so that every woman can get benefit of our work.

So our organization have a great visit and camp for them. Where we provide them essential things like blankets, suiters, clothes, etc. In future we are also a plan to stablish a old age home.
As we know diseases are biggest disaster for human being. Many patient die due to lack of proper treatment and medicines. They can not affored an expensive treatment which kill them. As they have right to live. We always tried to be with these patients. Try to provide them regular medicine and their treatment expenses.
So thes are our few works where we are trying to give our best. In future we have also thought for many more works. And we know you and us together solve all these problems which are burden on our society.