• Nature Care Welfare Society is a Non-Profit-Non-Governmental organization (NGO). A devoted Yatra (journey) toward protection, conservation and improvement of our Mother Nature and Humanity. Our sole objective is to pass on a habitable GREEN pollution free Earth and a better World to the future generations. Nature care works towards nullifying the imbalance caused by us, our society and our people. Our goal is to bring the focus on value and importance of our planet and environment to all human beings, and urge ALL to adopt a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Realize lifestyle in order to support and respect the efforts to preserve the planet, our one and only source of life. पढ़ना जारी →

  • The soceity has its domain sector Rural development for it is establish in rural territory.So it cheif function to tell about scientific forming to farmers,poeple 's health,to empowering their daily incomeand aboliting their poverty ,reforming their children 's education for make a best career. पढ़ना जारी →

  • Tree Plantation

    Service description :We plant trees on behalf of our customers in the public lands like the wildlife sanctuaries. We have our own in-house nursery where we keep our saplings.

    • We first check the agro-climatic conditions and then proceed with planting trees as per the requirement with the help of our on-ground NGO partners active in that particular area.
    • The NGO partners also help us in training the local community mostly the women and tribal community about looking after the plants.
    •  There is an external partner that conducts audit of the projects which is shared on the website. Monthly newsletters are sent to customers.
    • In case the plant does not survive in the current year, we take the whole responsibility to plant another sapling.
    • We also offer e-certificates to our customers who plant trees with customized messages.

  • Child Education

    As we know children are future of our country. They are like a tree which always need a good plantation to grow up in better one. What we need to recognize it. And what we trying to enhance the potential of children who are really not to able study. They have a dream to go school, to carry bag , to know books etc. but they can't. Nowadays many children do not go school due to economical problems. They have to scarifies their childhood.

    Many more children want to go school in remote areas but there is no school specially in village areas the school that exists have lack of teachers no proper management etc. Therefore how we can think for an educated country. So now its time to support them, our little contribution can help them a lot.

  • Community Health

    Nature care welfare society health interventions range from providing general healthcare services to Mother & Child Healthcare and Water & Sanitation.

    General Healthcare: We provided general healthcare to poor and underprivileged people free of cost in selected areas of North India as part of its existing Community Development Projects. The services included general health check-up including eye & dental check-up, and were provided mostly through periodic health camps and regular health clinics. Doctors and nurses visited the targeted villages and slums to provide health check-up, basic treatment of minor illnesses, and health-education focusing on personal hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, children’s care and reproductive health. Complicated cases, Sexually Transmitted Infections, TB suspects, malaria cases were referred to public hospitals and subsequently followed up.

1 RS 200
2 RS 500
3 Rs 1,000
4 Rs 1,500
5 Rs 3,000
5 Rs 5,000